Het leven na de tsunami


Onderstaand krantenartikel lazen we in de Bangkok Post van 3 februari j.l.

It is has been some times since the great waves hit the southern region of Thailand. Some people may wonder about how appropriate it is to go on holidays to a destination still barely recovering from such a serious disaster. It seems well, inconsiderate to enjoy yourself when many people are stuck in their grief and sadness.
That's an excellent point, too. So how about going there to make merit for the lost lives? This is a reasonable motivation to travel to these places, and it shows consideration on your part, to travel for the purpose of making merit for the lost lives.
The best way to help the local people, who survived the tsunami, is simply to go, visit these places. Just by travelling there, you can help by spending your money because the local people rely on the income from both local residents and international travellers for their survival.

En komt overeen met de ervaringen, die wij hier bijna dagelijks meemaken.